“Thank you for the estate planning legal work you did for my wife and me a few months ago.I know I sleep better at night because of the work you have done to protect my wife, me and our soon-to-arrive child. Thanks!” M.M.
“Thanks for all your hard work. You do not know how much trust Jackie and I have in you.” C.H.
“Frank Evans came to my rescue in October of 2016. My father passed away unexpectedly and left behind an estate that was in total chaos. Frank’s incredible knowledge and experience in dealing with estates and trusts enabled him to quickly understand and organize the horrible situation I had been left to deal with. Frank developed a concise plan to get my family’s trust and affairs back in order. Thanks to Frank’s integrity, I have a new-found peace of mind. I would highly recommend Frank Evans.” D.K.
“Frank, I greatly appreciate your efforts and being a conscientious, caring and first class attorney!” B.W.
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude…to Mr. Frank Evans and his assistant for the work they performed on my estate/probate case. Frank took care of me the way a good lawyer should. He put me and my family first and made certain I was not rushed or stressed in any way. Frank, in my eyes, is a man who really cares about people and will always make sure you have the best legal advice and options to make good decisions.” W. B.
“We needed an attorney to do estate planning with expertise in creating a Special Needs Trust for our disabled child. Frank Evans provided us with professional legal services that met our needs above expectation. His genuine interest in our specific family situation was reassuring and we believe that our child will be financially provided for, without losing his government benefits, after we are deceased. We highly recommend him and would definitely employ his services in the future when the need arises.” R.A. and F.A.
“If you want a lawyer who keeps his promises, keeps you informed about everything in your case and who is a trusted advisor, you should retain Frank Evans.” C.S.C.
“In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine that you could accomplish everything you did on my and my parents’ behalf in the time you had available. I am more than satisfied.” K.S.
“Thanks to you, Frank, I now understand the advisability of using a trust for estate planning and making sure that the trust is funded. It makes everything so much easier and less stressful for my heirs. Thank you for all you have done.” S.B.
“About two years ago, my sister and I contacted you to assist us in doing some estate planning for our mother. At every step along the way we were given straightforward, honest answers to our questions, quick action in getting the estate plan together and excellent guidance in preserving our mother’s long-held family assets. Throughout the entire process, we were treated with respect, concern and a very high level of technical legal advice. Your fees were within the parameters of what we thought they should be for this kind of advice and service and I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs good professional legal assistance.” E.J.T., Jr.
“Thank you for handling our Aunt Vivian’s legal matters and your kind sympathy on her passing. She trusted you to handle her affairs professionally and honestly. Thank you for doing that!” J. and T. F.

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